1. Do you think Hal’s concerns have merit?
2. How would you present the case that a green design will help the company in the future?
3. Should a company engage in green design if it is not required by law? Under what circumstances? Is a recession an appropriate time to go green?
4. As a consumer, do you select products for their sustainability? What types of products are you more likely to buy green?
Hal Parker was not convinced that customers cared about green design. “Sure, if it reduces their power consumption, they care, but using less resources to produce the product or using recycled raw materials to begin with? I think our efforts are wasted there.” “But doesn’t that save us money in the long run?” commented Sasha Minolta, the finance director. “If we’re in business that long to reap the benefits,” Hal retorted. “A recession is not the time to go green.” “Why are you fighting this?” Alex Verera, the CEO, questioned. “Just redesign us a sustainable product and be done with it!”
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