Consider the following instruction: Instruction: AND Rd,Rs,Rt

Interpretation: Reg[Rd] = Reg[Rs] AND Reg[Rt]

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1.What are the values of control signals generated by the control in Figure 4.2 for the following instruction?

-RegWrite = 1.

-RegDst = 1.

-Pcsrc = 1.

2. Which resources (blocks) perform a useful function for this instruction?

-The program counter, instruction memory, registers, and ALU are the blocks that perform useful functions for this instruction.

3. Which resources (blocks) produce outputs, but their outputs are not used for this instruction? Which resources produce no outputs for this instruction?

-The branch block produces outputs but its outputs are not used for this instuction, and the data memory block produces no outputs for this instruction.

I am pretty sure I am compltley off, can anyone help me?

figure 4.2

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