How can corporate real estate professionals take a leadership role in helping their companies develop an agile ESG strategy that permits the board and management to shift back and forth among short-, medium-, and long-term issues as the changing business environment may require? What will be the lasting impact of the COVID-19 lockdown and the resulting health and safety protocols and practices on the environment and climate change? How will the company turn the conversation about DE&I into measurable actions? For example, what recommendations should be made regarding buildings, energy consumption, travel policies (many corporate real estate executives manage the carbon footprint of their transportation), worker safety, location decisions, and work environments? Your recommendations should address short-, medium-, and long-term impacts and benefits and incorporate best practices learned from the post-pandemic return to the workplace. Additionally, emphasis should be placed on identifying cost-neutral strategies; for strategies with significant cost, the team must explain how they will promote the strategies for CEO and Board buy-in and approval


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