Now that you have a better understanding of what human resources is, let’s see it in action. Let’s go back to the Starbucks case we started with; remember, Howard Schultz, cares about the people that work in his organization – consider how all of that is impacted by the HR & PR (public relations) nightmare that took place in a Starbucks in Philadelphia, briefly discussed in the “Points to Ponder” section on pages 209-210 of the textbook. For background information about the case, read the article published in The New York Times first, then read the article published by Forbes. After reading both, go to the discussion board and answer the following question: What else can human resources do to ensure that something like this does not happen again? Before you respond, include as part of your response an element from a section from the textbook assigned below; include the section by discussing how the topic can or should be used considering the case presented:

Use the topic from the textbook based on the first initial of your first name as part of your response:

A-G– The Selection Process, page 214

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H-N – New Employee Orientation page 216

0-S – Training and Development, pages 216-217

T-Z – Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in the workplace, page 217

Complete your initial post by Wednesday; to keep the discussion going, and to learn more about the other elements of HR, read and respond to at least two posts from your classmates for the sections that you did not do, throughout the week. You have until Saturday to complete the response part of this activity.

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