Tata Group is one of the most prominent business groups in the world. It has its hands in almost every business sector that you can think of. Let’s consider one of these sectors. (15 Marks)

Manufacturing: Tata Steel is probably the most popular name in the Indian steel and iron industry. The company is based in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand (also known as Tatanagar) and has built its reputation over the past decades as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of quality steel across the globe.

The process of steel manufacturing is extremely complex and requires a highly skilled and trained workforce. Moreover, the demand for steel is almost constant throughout the year, i.e., there is a steady rate of demand for steel throughout the year. Owing to these two factors, the company needs to maintain a steady rate of production as well as workforce throughout the year.

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Determine the appropriate aggregate planning strategy that should be followed by Tata Steel.

Subjective Q2 – How is Zara, the Spanish fast-fashion brand, differentiating itself from its competitors through its supply chain?

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