Septic Shock

selected option is = Option 2: Septic Shock. What needs to be done… In order to undertake this 1500 word essay you will need to research the topic using current and relevant peer reviewed literature and review of: The lecture and tutorial material associated with the relevant topic. Your knowledge and understanding related to: The physiology and pathophysiology of the primary diagnosis and associated clinical data identified within the chosen case study; The physiological assessments relevant to the features within the case study. The assessment tasks requires you to: Part 1. Identify and discuss two (2) signs or symptoms of clinical deterioration associated with the presenting problem, from chosen case study. This discussion should consider the potential impact of case study data (e.g. pathology results, past medical history) on the health status of the patient in the chosen case. Part 2. Following on from your presented discussion associated with point one (1), develop a clinical plan of care which identifies: One (1) priority of clinical care and; Discuss three (3) nursing interventions that directly address the identified clinical priority. The discussion should refer to relevant clinical assessments. Measurable outcome parameters for each intervention will be discussed to justify the intervention and evaluate its efficacy. Discussion is to be supported with contemporary research. In the table below are several documents that will assist you to understand the task requirements and the criteria that will be used to assess your performance. more info:

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