risk management plan, communications homework help

risk management plan, communications homework help.


Network security is the key element for any organization. The need of it is very necessary and huge in all organization that uses the internet in their daily operations. The security of networks is in continuous development through decades, and greater enhancements will be done in the future due to technology advancement. This project system will have the implementation of various network technologies, and these includes; DMZ network design, VoIP Solutions, Firewall implementation, and the Exchange Server (Zetter, 2010). The key elements of this project are to make sure that the company’s network is secured. The function of the Access lists and VLAN’s will be providing the security measures. Load balancing will be used in the network to operate efficiently at the top level.

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The proposed network security project is designed to serve Total Development LLC Company and its branches against any internet attacks. The company specializes in construction, production of building materials, real estate, steel & aluminum, and project management fields. It started from 2001, and they handle a mid-sized project. The company consists of two branches, the main branch is located in Muscat, and it has 100 employees. The company is planning to start up a new branch which is located in Sur, and it is estimated to hold and accommodate 50 employees’ staff. This branch will be using the same network domain to serve the operations, and therefore there is need to protect the network. The network security will not be serving the instructional needs of the employee rather the main core companies operations. The network is for administrative purposes and specifically designed to be independent of any other unauthorized personnel.


A year ago Total Development LLC Company, management planned to open a new branch to minimize the workload in the main branch (Anon., 2013). This is because they acquired a good reputation in the market. The citizen of Sur will be the beneficiaries of the new branch. The town is in a continuous population growth and although development is seen to take place in the region. Total Development LLC Company new branch in our has no network security at any given point. This places the company in risks of attacks on its internet (Byrnes, & Proctor, 2013). Furthermore, the client would access the website and place their order since the company provides real estate, construction, and building materials, which is seen to be vulnerable to attacks. It is also very difficult to differentiate a customer the internet a scammer, so there is need of Network security manager. Hence, the customers can frequently access website safely. Therefore there is a need for a network security system that will protect all the files, data and personal information to protect from unauthorized access.


The aim of this proposal is to develop network security system to enhance Total Development LLC Company confidentiality, integrity, availability of information and reputation. A DMZ network system will be designed for the company using the VLAN. Since this company uses the web server which is publically accessible over the internet. A DMZ will be designed using a Cisco firewall router and will be incorporated into VLAN’s interface, and connected to a Cisco switch. The integration of the system will include the switch and VLAN’s which is created to segregate between the web server and the LAN network (Molenaar, 2012). The project will use appropriate devices to demonstrate and solve the above problem definition and meet the objectives of the network security.


  • Secure service: The primary objective of this project is to develop DMZ network system that will provide secure computing operations to the Total Development LLC Company. The DMZ will be designed to be functionally and physically isolate access by unauthorized people.
  • Integration and update: with the emergence of technology there are many LANS present in Sur, but much of them are out of date, and also not compatible with each other. The aim of the project is to integrate the LAN with WAN technology so as to support the productive collaboration across the system.
  • TO enhance information processing; the network system will allow its users to retrieve, process and store their information and also sharing of the information will be safe since there is an integration of firewalls. Firewalls will protect the available information from any penetration and threats.
  • The network security will bring the collaboration of the company’s branches and provide a collaborative medium for the business and administrative operations. Also, will improve the scalability of the company.


The main objective of this project proposal is to hence the security of network operations in the company. Will enhance and secure Total Development Company data network from any untheorized access. And last to provide firewall integration to the network security system, which will filter and terminate any possible incoming threats.

The primary goal of the implementation of Network security systems is to incorporate it with the Access Lists and the VLAN’s which will filter and manage the resources of the network. Access lists will also be used to audit the IP address that will be used to access network operations. VLAN purposes are to ease the resources exchanging between the users in same and different departments.

The DMZ network system will be designed for the company using the VLAN. Since this company uses the web server which is publically accessible over the internet. A DMZ will be designed using a Cisco firewall router and will be incorporated into VLAN’s interface, and connected to a Cisco switch. This will be done for the exchange and web servers because most of the remote users access them. It is required for isolation of the company from unauthorized personnel to minimize any intrusions.


In the field of network security, there is a need to develop and implement a security system to improve the company to secure its data and information. This network security implementation will significantly enhance; accountability, integrity, and availability of the company’s network. The Access lists and VLAN’s will ensure the efficient and quality management of the internet services. The DMZ is a demilitarized network that segregates the local network within the organization from the outside network of the public (Young, S, 2009). The DMZ is also considered to function as a network border. The primary function of the DMZ will be managing the web server, to restrict the usage and also to handle the intrusion of threats by making the LAN unaccessible. This will be achieved by applying and implementing the firewall technologies.

Form the project answer the quotation:-


  • Write the risk of the this project (internal risk and external risk) ?
  • Internal risk include the within the project for example abject , time and resources.
  • External risk should include out off control of the plan for example shipment lite.
  • Write the Requirement analysis of the project.
  • Write the Communication Plan of the project.

risk management plan, communications homework help

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