Respond back to Post, communications homework help

Respond back to Post, communications homework help.

Respond back to both post below. each post should be between 100-110 words.

(Respond to Post between 100-110 words , ex. i agree……..) 1.) Chapter 4 discusses the process that helps you to create messages that are both effective, which is meeting your audience’s needs and getting your points across, and efficient, which is making the best use of your time and your audience’s time. The process consists of three steps: Planning – analyze the situation, gather information, choose medium and channel and organize; Writing – adapt to your audience and compose the message; Completing – revise the message, produce the message, proofread the message, and distribute the message. During the writing process, time should be alloted when planning and the text suggests as a general rule that 50 percent of the time should be spent on planning, 25 percent for writing and 25 percent for completing.

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The writing process can be used as a tool for effective business writing, ensuring that you create a professional document that is free from grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. It also helps to make sure that your document delivers a clear and direct language that helps get the message understood.

(Respond to Post between 100-110 words , ex. i agree……..)2.)Planning our communication is important when attempting to provide the right information, in the right format, to the right people. Taking the time to consider the audience and their needs will help to provide the appropriate facts and answers to what audience is looking for. Taking the time to consider and plan for the audience can be used as a tool to guide us into to delivering a concise message in a positive and compelling way. If we plan to communicate the message we are trying to relay, then writing the message out can not only be faster and easier, but it can also avoid errors or other messages that can cause harm to the company or our own careers.

Personally, I think analyzing our communication in terms of purpose and audience is important because it’s easy to get lost in the emotions of our words. Although I am guilty of this myself, I have six supervisors that I manage who are responsible for not only keeping up team morale, but also keeping that team up and within company and policy guidelines. When my supervisors become frustrated because they have to discuss issues like tardiness or email etiquette, I can often hear their anger and frustration in their writing when bringing issues up to person’s attention. Once we read and begin to edit their communication, I begin to point out all the words that relay emotion and express the communication that says “you are doing this to me.” I think it’s extremely important to keep emotion out of work emails and stick to just the facts. Instead of saying, ” I have noticed that you have been tardy on three separate compassions this week,” just say “You have been late on three different compassions this week.” Take the “me” and what “I” think you are doing out of it and stick with policies, guidelines and procedures. It’s hard not to be emotional when we are emotionally invested in our jobs and our careers, but I have found people take it less personal and are more willing to work with you when I don’t tell you how I feel about it.

Respond back to Post, communications homework help

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