report on setting up your own business

report on setting up your own business.

Description: The purpose of this project is to help you evaluate some of the decisions that prospective business owners need to make by setting up a business of your choice. Before you start, however, I strongly advise that you conduct some independent research over the Internet at the secretary of state’s office in the state in which you plan to establish your business. You can usually start with a Google search that uses terms such as “your state name, secretary of state corporation forms.” Your search will usually result in information for setting up business entities in the state you have chosen. You will use this information to prepare your written report described under the instructions. Instructions

1. Prepare a written report that contains the following information about your new business: a. Name of your company/business b. Be sure to use the proper ending in your name to show your type of business entity, e.g., corporation, LLC, LLP, etc. c. State in which you are forming your business d. Brief description of what your business does e. Explain why you selected the type of business entity you chose f. This explanation should be based on independent research that compares various business entity types g. At a minimum, you should discuss the following issues: i. Ease and cost of creation (you should be able to determine this at the secretary of state’s website for the state in which you plan to establish your business) ii. Owners and ease of transferring ownership interests iii. Liability iv. Duration v. How will profits be taxed Page 2 of 2 h. A list of at least three properly formatted references i. One of your references can be your text

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2. Prepare an annotated outline of an operational document for your business entity

3. An annotated outline is more than an outline that uses key words, but not the same as a fully completed document

4. I don’t want you to simply cut and paste a set of corporate bylaws or an operating agreement into this component of your Final Project

5. Rather than using key words in your outline, you will write a description of what you are proposing in outline form, but do not write the final language

6. Your operational document should address the following topics, but may include other subjects you think are important for your business: a. Describe the business managers/officers with subtopics concerning number of managers, how they are elected, how they are removed, and duties b. Meeting schedule for owners and managers with subtopics concerning when notice of the meeting must be sent, whether actions can be taken without a meeting (explain how), and the quorum and voting requirements for a meeting c. General provisions related to the following topics: i. Who must sign company contracts and checks ii. Policy concerning gifts to various stakeholders iii. General employment safety policy iv. General environmental policy v. Statement concerning ethical behavior, decision making, and social responsibility of the company owner(s), manager(s), and employee(s) d. This should be your own work e. If you do use resource material to prepare your annotated outline, be sure to provide properly formatted references

report on setting up your own business

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