Quantitative Article Analysis

Analyze and critique a quantitative nursing research article from a nursing research journal published within the past 5 years.  Include 3 scholarly references—the article, the text, and one outside source. Use the Guidelines for Quantitative Nursing Research Critique to complete the following steps:

1.     State the purpose of the study and identify the problem.
2.     Analyze the literature review.
3.     Analyze the study framework or theoretical perspective.
4.     Identify, describe, and critique for appropriateness any research objectives, questions, or hypothesis.
5.     Identify, describe, and critique—conceptually and operationally—the major study variables.
6.     Identify and critique the attributes and demographic variables.
7.     Describe and critique the research design.
8.     Describe and critique the sample and setting.
9.     Describe and critique the measurement instrument used in the study.
10.  Describe and critique the procedures for data collection
11.  Describe and critique the statistical analysis.
12.  Describe and critique the researcher’s interpretation.


NUR 518 WEEK 3 Quantitative Article Analysis

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