Project Charter And Scope Statement For A Coffee Shop

Project Charter

Provide a project charter of your selected project in accordance with the charter template attached. Be certain to include the following.

Project Objectives

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Project Statement of Work


All other sections as required in the project charter

Please put this in proper business writing format. Consider me to be your boss.



Project charter (in MS Word)


Scope Statement

Prepare a scope statement using the attached template. Remember to be tangible, measurable, and specific. Be sure to include all sections required in the Practitioner section below.


On the practical side of project management, a scope statement is often created a little different than in the above explanation. When starting to create a scope statement, one must remember that it is arguably the most important single document created on a project. Without a complete, thorough scope statement, chances of success on the project are not very good. Each section of a practitioner-based scope statement is described below.


Project Scope and Product Scope description. In this section of the scope statement, we specifically elaborate on what the project will create. One should also discuss here how the project team plans to accomplish this project. This section should be quite detailed, because it creates the basis for the entire project. This section should be based on information found in the project’s charter.

Deliverables. As stated earlier, deliverables are tangible items or services created for this project. These are generally big picture items. For example, if the project was to build a shopping mall, the foundation, walls, roof, and parking lot might be examples of deliverables.

Project Acceptance Criteria. Project acceptance criteria are the criteria the customer will use to judge whether the project was successful or not. What must this project create in order for the sponsor or customer to be satisfied with the results?

Inclusions and Exclusions. What is included in the project and what is not included in it? Returning to our example of a shopping mall, is the layout of each individual store part of the project, or is that the responsibility of the soon-to-be tenant? These inclusions and exclusions set the boundaries for the project manager to operate within.

Project Assumptions. Project assumptions are those things we believe to be true without proof for planning purposes. For our mall, we could assume that all the materials we need to build it will be available when we need them. We have no way to know this for sure during project planning, thus it is an assumption.

Project Constraints. Project constraints are limitations placed upon the project. Many of them are placed by individuals outside of the project. Let’s say we are only given a budget of $5 million dollars to build our mall. That $5 million dollars is a constraint to the project, because we have no more money than that to complete the project.

Notice that milestones are not included in this list. From a practitioner point of view, milestones are found in the charter, not in the scope. If these milestones were modified from those in the charter, the new milestones may appear in the scope statement; however, if they were not modified, they are not normally found in the scope statement.




Project scope statement (in MS Word)

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