Probation and Parole, law homework help

Probation and Parole, law homework help.


Your instructor has returned your draft (Week 4 IP) with comments. Your first task is to utilize the comments from your instructor, as well as the comments from your peers, and resubmit a final draft of the assignment, also addressing the additional requirements included below.

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Mr. McMahon’s attorney has received and read your presentence report. He is hopeful that his client can avoid incarceration and he has sent you a written request to investigate any intermediate sanctions that might be applicable and appropriate for his client.

Final Draft

  • Based on instructor feedback and peer review, revise your Week 4 Individual Project accordingly.
  • In addition, address the following in a 500–750 word addendum to the presentence report:
    • Identify and discuss 3 intermediate sanctions that might be appropriate for Mr. McMahon. Research what each sanction involves, and identify how it can be punitive, how it might benefit Mr. McMahon, and how it can provide for the protection of the community.
    • Which of the 3 intermediate sanctions that you selected do you think is most appropriate for Mr. McMahon? Why?
    • Which of the 3 intermediate sanctions you selected do you think is least appropriate for Mr. McMahon? Why?
    • For the purpose of this assignment, assume that all of the options that you identify are available in your community.
    • Remember that this is an addendum to the presentence report, so your audience is not only the defense attorney, but the prosecutor and the judge. Your writing must demonstrate a formal, professional tone.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


Hi : Total points earned (rounded): 138 out of 150 (92%). Task Requirements points earned: 37.5 out of 37.5 (100%). Demonstration and application of knowledge points earned: 70.13 out of 82.5 (85%). Academic writing and format points earned: 30 out of 30 (100%).

Well done!!!

Strengths: Your assignment demonstrated a grasp of the course material as evidenced by your explanation of Presentence Investigation Report’s purpose, the information contained in it, and sentencing applications. This then allowed you to prepare the Presentence Report (PSR) concerning Mr. McMahon’s new arrest by applying the knowledge gained from researching the PSR components then incorporating the data into the appropriate categories thus determining and supporting your sentence recommendation to the court.

Opportunities for Improvement: Feedback must be incorporated into the Unit 5 IP per task assignment. Make sure you use a different color font so I know what you have changed from the Unit 4 IP submitted.

Part1: References should be placed at the end of Part 1.

Part 2: Commonwealth of Virginia vs. John McMahon

State case not Federal. Mr. McMahon dropped out in the 11th grade. You could have him go to college but you still need to mention him getting his GED after dropping out in the Education Section.

His current offense is the new arrest (2nd arrest) while on probation. Discuss this 2nd arrest (described in the Unit 4 IP) under the Offense Conduct.

Under Criminal History: Adult Convictions would be his 1st arrest where he was sentenced to 2 years suspended and placed on 2 years probation with special circumstances. In this section you can describe his adjustment / violations.

Under employment you need to include his being a laborer with the construction company. In the PO recommendations you should include both standard and special conditions if you recommend probation.

Don’t forget signatures at the end.


Probation and Parole, law homework help

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