philosopher searching for a job

This is my Final Exam for this philosophy class and you have written a few of my prior papers in this course. I know for sure you wrote my Aristotle paper and are working on the Nietzsche paper right now. THis is a cumulative paper over the four philosophers in the paper topic I can send you previous papers as well to help.

For each of your essays, you were asked to imagine yourself to be a philosopher searching for a job. For your final exam, I would like you to reverse roles. Instead of the philosopher, imagine now that you are a member of the search committee. You have read the four letters of intent and the time has come to indicate which candidate you recommend the university hires.

When writing your exam, you will need to do the following:

• Rank the philosophers in terms of hiring preference.
• For each philosopher, indicate what you take to be his chief strengths as an applicant.
• For the philosopher ranked first, indicate why you believe that the university should make him an offer. Is your recommendation based on the applicant’s philosophical commitments? Do you believe that this philosopher, for some reason, would fit in
particularly well at a regional university like Rogers State? Would he bring some muchneeded intellectual diversity to the university and surrounding community?
It is understandable that opinions will vary concerning who should get the job. Thus, it is vital, when writing your exam, that you bring all of your philosophical learning and argumentative skills to bear on your answer. Fortunately, you have the entire semester to prepare and, as a bonus, you may use your textbooks during the exam.

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Further instructions:

-Paper needs to be between 5-6 pages so please write a full 5 pages
Formatting Instructions
• Font: Times New Roman 12 point
• Spacing: Double, not 1.5, 2.1, 1.8 or some other creative variant. Also make sure that under
the Page Layout tab you have set the “Before” and “After” spacing to 0 pt.
• Margins: 1″ margins at the top and bottom; 1″ margins on the left and right; paragraphs
should be indented .5″. If you do not know how to adjust the font, spacing or margins,
solicit the help of someone who does.
• Your paper should not have a title page. Simply place your name, my name, the course
name and number, and the date—all on separate, double-spaced lines—at the left-hand
margin at the top of the first page.
• Include page numbers at the bottom of each page.

You have written papers for me where you are the philosopher writing to the school telling them why they should hire you. Now the roles are reversed. You are writing as the hiring committee ranking Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Descartes, and Nietzsche. I can send you the Aristotle, Descartes, and Thomas Aquinas papers to help you while writing this final paper. You are currently writing the Nietzsche paper and will need to include him in the final paper as well. Really focus on these philosophers philosophies and please do a good job I need a good grade on this paper! If you have any questions about it message. I will need to send you the papers as well.

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