participation questions, business and finance homework help

participation questions, business and finance homework help.

Eight questions with 60 or more word count.

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Chapter 3/ career development

1. “Investments in career development do not provide an organization a viable return on its investment. It simply raises employee expectation, which, if not fulfilled, cause employees to leave. Accordingly, the organization has trained employees for its competitors.” Take a position in support of this statement and one against it.

2. According to DeCenzo, 2013, a long term career focus should increase the organization’s effectiveness in managing its human resources. There are several ways career development adds value to an organization. They are:

  • Needed talent will be available
  • The organization’s ability to attract and retain talented employees improves
  • Minorities and women have comparable opportunities for growth and development
  • Reduced employee frustration
  • Enhanced cultural diversity
  • Organizational Goodwill

The employee also benefits from career development and go through internal and external career stages.

Contrast the external and internal dimensions of a career. Which do you believe is more relevant in determining an employees’ work behavior?

Chapter 3

3. Explain how you would conduct a job analysis.

Chapter 4/ background investigations

4. Why is it important to conduct pre-employment background investigations? How would you go about doing so?

5. Criminal background screening has been a topic of conversation for a while now in the HR world. Zeidener (2014) said that “Deciding if and when to check a job seeker’s criminal history is a complicated ethical issue – and, increasingly, a legal one. In 2012, the EEOC issued guidance advising employers not to adopt blanket policies disqualifying candidates with criminal histories from employment. My organization does not have a blanket policy but we are pretty stringent with whom we hire, especially for those that work in our buildings for the elderly. Right now there are no federal civil rights laws protecting the labor market treatment of a person with a criminal past. However, there are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Review employment applications and make sure you are not prohibited from asking about past convictions
  • Consider only convictions and weigh the timing of them
  • Limit what you know
  • Check your background checker and where they obtain information
  • Make sure disqualifying policies are job-related and consistent with business necessity
  • Establish an assessment committee
  • Be fair
  • Beef up training for HR to recognize hiring patterns that may have an adverse impact on a particular group (Zeidener, 2014)

There are several organizations that help convicted criminals find jobs when they are released from prison. The mindset of these organizations if that “everybody deserves a second chance”.

Should employers be able to check criminal convictions during a background check?

Chapter 4/Social Media

6. I am interested to see what happens with social media in the workplace regarding employees’ rights. I recently asked our attorney if we could prevent people from bad mouthing our company via Facebook and what our rights were as an organization regarding Facebook. Basically, the organization has no say in what employees post on their account and no recourse for taking action against employees. I am sure that will all change once cases start being tried for employee terminations based on Facebook and other social media posts.

What do you think, do employers have a right to tell you what you can and cannot post on your personal social networking site?

7. Briefly discuss and give examples of at least five common interviewing mistakes.

Week 3 Electronic Reading

8. Social media, such as, Facebook and Twitter have become so popular and mainstream that I think it is something businesses should consider using for advertising and other things. For instance, bands, TV shows, and celebrities already use it for advertising. It is free and gets their message to many people.

People also use business networking sites such as LinkedIn to learn about other job opportunities and network. They could make connections with people in their field, join groups and learn about other organizations.

What is your opinion of using this type of media in business?

participation questions, business and finance homework help

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