Orbitz Case Study

Orbitz Case Study.

Please use the attached homework template to complete this assignment.

Detail :

Read the Orbitz Case Study (4.6 in Chapter 4) and answer the following questions with a minimum total of 750 words.

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Case Study Questions

  1. In the mobile design project of 2011, why did Orbitz management decide to construct a mobile website for corporate users rather than a native app?
  2. What is “business logic” and why was it important for corporate travelers to have online reservation systems that included business logic?
  3. Why did Orbitz reverse policy in 2012 and build native apps for each mobile platform (iOS and Android) instead of a single mobile website?
  4. Identify one other travel intermediary site. Compare the features of the selected travel site to Orbitz travel site.

Orbitz Case Study

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