Operations and technology, business and finance homework help

Operations and technology, business and finance homework help.

This is a rework assignment that was not detailed. Please see below the professors comments. I have attached the completed document. Please see attached. If you have any questions please ask.


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You have good information in your plan, but you need to revise to be more specific in several areas. Section 3- You did not address the research and development requirement. Section 4- Good technology assessment, I would like to see specific hardware and software you will use. Section 5- How many employees will you need? Full time/Part time? Section 6- What are your qualifications to be President? What are the other specific positions that will be needed? Good chart, how many employees for each position? You only used 2 headers in you paper, but you discussed 9 separate topics and it was confusing understanding when you finished discussing one topic and moved onto a new topic. Please review your title page, as this is the first thing and investor will look at, you cannot make those errors. Remember, as an investor, I want specific information presented clearly, not general discussions in a format where I have to hunt for specific sections. Please revise and resubmit.

Operations and technology, business and finance homework help

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