Nursing Research – Evidence Hierarchy

Using the Levels listed below, create your own evidence hierarchy relating to your clinical topic and proposed clinical change. You may also refer to page 24 in your textbook for another schematic of the hierarchy.
For each level provide an example of this type of evidence and describe how that particular example and level of evidence supports your clinical topic that you chose and also how it supports your clinical change.
Craft an APA scholarly paper with cover page and reference list. You may simply use the template as a guide to incorporate it as a graph into your paper, but you must discuss each level with your examples in paragraph form.
Your paper should be 7-9 pages in length including cover and reference page.
You should have 6-8 scholarly references to support each level and your examples of each level of evidence. You may also use your textbook as a reference.
You may use articles that you have been compiling all term as well as new literature that you find.
Level 1: Systematic review of Randomized Trials/RCT
Level 2: Single Randomized Trial/RCT
Level 3: Systematic review correlations/observational studies
Level 4: Single correlational/observational study
Level 5: Systematic review of descriptive/qualitative/physiologic studies
Level 6: Single descriptive/qualitative/physiologic study
Level 7: Opinions of authorities, expert committees
When using quotes please use quotation marks.

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