Nursing Home Report Research

Nursing Home Report ResearchOrder Description
Summary: Obtain a state survey for a skilled nursing facility. You can do this by downloading the survey from the web at, or by visiting the facility and obtaining the survey from the administrator. State surveys are public
information and have to be available for anyone that asks for them.

Please write a paper that critiques their survey. Do you think the deficiencies were valid? If their plan of correction is indicated, do you agree that their plan of
correction would prevent the same deficiencies from happening in the future? What types of incidents that may be litigated could come from a result of those
deficiencies and how would attorneys exploit the survey and use it to their advantage in court? Please do not be confined to these questions as you explore the survey
process. Prior surveys are also available through the website given above. You can use surveys from prior years as a basis of comparison to see if the facility
improved its ratings.

The paper should be 5-8 pages double-spaced. Required format is 12 point font with one-inch margins. Citations can be in APA or MLA format..

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Added details re instructions:
Be sure that if you use the Nursing Home Compare tool to get information about the facility that you review the full report. You can pull up the full report by
clicking on the link next to the date of the last inspection, which is located under the Inspections and Complaints tab.

You can use citations from the readings or your own research to support your analysis of the survey.

Also, pay attention to the types of deficiencies that are documented in the survey. How many people are likely to be affected by the problem, i.e. would it impact many
of the residents or few? What are the likely consequences of the deficiency? Are they serious? Look at the survey from several different perspectives � that of the
administrator, the regulator/inspector, the customer/patient. Does that change your analysis of how serious the deficiencies are?

You can look at the Quality Measures Tab on Nursing Home Compare tool to see an evaluation of the quality of care based on resident assessment (MDS) information. Does
the Quality Measures Rating seem consistent with the inspection report? Explain why it is inconsistent or consistent with the inspection.

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