NSG 513 WEEK 6 Success Planning – Future Nurse Leaders

In any industry, any time a senior employee in a leadership position retires, resigns, or leaves the organization for any other reason, the consequences can be severe. In health care, a senior leader often spends years fulfilling the duties of the position, and during that time acquire extensive knowledge about the area they oversee and the goals of the organization. If that person leaves the organization abruptly, the position must be backfilled by someone who will have to learn the ins and outs of the position over time, often resulting in anything but a seamless transition in leadership. The purpose of a succession plan is to create appropriate training for employees that will prepare them to step into these positions and perform the leadership responsibilities with minimal disruption to the organization. This will ensure stability and efficiency during times of stress.

You reviewed the various competencies required of a manager and of a leader throughout this course, and you should now be able to identify which proficiencies will be needed for future nurse leaders entering the field.

Consider the following scenario:

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You have been promoted to a new position and will be relocating. Your last responsibility in your current position is to develop a job posting for your replacement.

Develop a 525-word job description for the prospective employee who will replace you. Consider the following:

  • What are at least four competencies (managerial and leadership) a nurse should possess that would be needed for future success in the health care industry?
  • Which leadership theories, styles, and approaches would a nurse leader need to employ to achieve each competency?
  • Looking back at your personal SWOT analysis from Week 1, which competencies would you consider skills that should be included as qualifications the candidate should possess?
  • The greater the depth of diversity in your organization will benefit the organization proportionately. Considering the cultural diversity of those entering the field now, how will you attract these candidates to your organization and retain them? Remember that what appeals to someone of one culture may not have any drawing power to someone from another culture.
  • What changes in nursing can broaden the appeal of new nurses entering the field or the organization? Consider differences in generations, culture, and skills.
  • Are there policies or regulations that keep people from even considering a career in nursing? For example, in today’s society it is common and increasingly acceptable for people to have tattoos, but there are regulations that bar a bedside nurse from having visible tattoos. How can these types of policies and regulations be addressed to achieve compromise?

Provide APA-formatted in-text citations and references for all sources cited.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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