Naturalism or Supernaturalism

TOPIC: Naturalism or Supernaturalism?


SELF-TEST: Are you a Naturalist or a Supernaturalist?

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  • The God of the Philosophers exists.
  • The soul is distinct from the body; it survives the death of the body.
  • We have (ultimate) free will. We are (ultimately) responsible for our choices.



  • The God of the Philosophers does not exist.
  • The human mind and its psychological states depends on the brain (either the identity theory or functionalism it true.
  • We may not have free will. If we do not have free will, we do not have ultimate free will.


Which side are you on? Or are you on the fence?




Write a five-page double-spaced essay explaining your philosophical point of view, using concepts and ideas from class and the readings, especially by presenting arguments, criticisms of those arguments, and possible defenses against those criticisms. You need only include arguments for and against the existence of God, and arguments for and against various theories of the mind.




Your intended audience is another college student, but one who has not taken a philosophy class. So you cannot presume that your audience already knows the ideas you are discussing in the paper. I will grade your paper based on how well you can explain the concepts and arguments from class to someone who has not taken the class.

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