Movie review, business and finance homework help

Movie review, business and finance homework help.

Step 1: Watch this movie “Trading Places on video tape, DVD or online TV . This movie depicts several aspects of the business world which are covered in our textbook.

As your instructor, I know what the movie is about….I want to know if you can relate aspects of this movie to contents found in our textbook and elaborate on them!

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Step 2: Write a minimum 1-page report explaining how certain aspects of the movie pertained to the material covered in our textbook. This is going to be a fun assignment because you’re going to view this movie in a totally different way. Assignments received that are longer than two pages will be graded down.

For example, Trading Places covers such aspects as:

  • Business Ethics,
  • Investments, Securities & Trading,
  • Human Resources Training & Motivation.

This is the content I want you to focus on, to get the most possible points. Note: no points or credit for just submitting a plot of the movie. I don’t want you to give a cast of characters or to tell me that Valentine was played by Eddy Murphy.

The information contained in your summary of the movie you selected, must tie into the Chapters studied in our Text. For example you could state that portions of this movie pertained to Chapter 9 on Human Resources. Next identify which part of Human Resources for example “Orientation” or “Recruiting”.

the text book is : Business 12th Edition by Pride, William.M, Hughes, Robert. J; Kapoor, Jack R.

Movie review, business and finance homework help

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