MKT-640 Project Paper

Write an 8 page paper in APA format (not including the cover page and reference page).  Below is a recommended outline.

Step 1: Watch the videos at:

How Wal-Mart is moving the needle on e-commerce. (1/10/2014). Fortune Magazine. Retrieved from; L=18:59

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Wal-Mart to Acquire for $3.3B. (8/8/2016). TechBet.  CNBC. Retrieved from; L=2:58

McLean, M. (11/26/2014). Insights on Amazon’s Dynamic Pricing. L2inc. Retrieved by; L=2:06

Amazon Supply Chain Optimization Technologies. (5/22/2015). Inside Amazon Videos. Retrieved from; L= 1:33

Amazon’s Retail Revolution Business Boomers BBC Full documentary 2014. (4/22/2014). BBCdocumentaries2014. Retrieved from; L= 59:21

Overview:  In this case study, you will be analyzing and comparing and contrasting the e-commerce strategies of two retail Giants: Walmart and Amazon. This assignment has been modified to suit the needs of this course but it is based on Video Case 9.1 provided by the authors of the text (Laudon & Traver, 2017).

Step 2: Read the background on the case that is provided in the Student Resources.

Step 3: Conduct additional research on e-commerce business strategies. You must have a minimum of 6 additional references in your paper. (Note that you may use some of the research you have previously located.)

Step 4: Write the paper in accordance with the instructions above.

Hint: Company strategies and corporate financial results are reported to shareholders on their Annual Reports that are available from the Investor page on the company’s corporate home pages – NOT the same as their retail pages.)

Step 5: Ensure that your paper addresses the following questions:

a.  What are the three key assets that Walmart can leverage (build on) to compete with Amazon and other online retailers?

b.  What assets does Amazon have that it can leverage that Walmart may not have or to compete head-on with Walmart?

c.  What is Walmart’s e-commerce  strategy?

d.  What is Amazon’s e-commerce strategy?

e.   Address the revenue models of each company.

f.   Why isn’t Walmart worried about the channel conflict between its online sales and its store sales?

g.   Why is Walmart in-sourcing the development of its online operation, in part by acquiring technology companies rather than outsourcing development to low-cost countries and other domestic firms?

h.   Why did Walmart acquire What strategic acquisitions has Amazon made?

i.    How does Walmart’s fulfillment operation differ from Amazon’s?

j.   Summarize your findings and make recommendations.



• Laudon, K., & Traver, C. G. (2012). E-commerce .Business. Technology. Society. (8th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey, United States of America: Pearson Education, Inc.

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