Mission/Vission Statement

Mission/Vission Statement.

I need to write the mission and vision statement and idea for team name.. We are working on Team Charter This is a group project……there are 3 ladies in the group…This is a human resource class... Our proffessor wrote this:Team Charter: Working together with your team, you will research elements and formats for an effective team charter. Please use the UMUC library to identify a minimum of five appropriate sources about team charters. Appropriate sources are scholarly or practitioner journals and academic books published within the last ten years. Your team will use the results of your research to create a team charter that will guide how you will work together. Your team charter should include, but is not limited to, the following elements:

  • A team mission and vision – an initial team vision that summarizes what the team needs to accomplish and describes how it will interact in order to accomplish its mission. Include any other thoughts to help the team form and focus.
  • The mission provides a statement of the team’s purpose which provides the motivation and direction for team members.
  • The goals are the results the team needs to achieve within specified time frames. Team members perform more efficiently and productively when the goals are easily understood.
  • In addition to goals, role clarification helps team members understand what is expected of each person in order for the team to achieve its goals. By discussing roles the team ensures that all the responsibilities for achieving the team’s goals are covered and being performed.
  • HPWTs also decide early on the “rules of engagement,” or how they are going to work together. They determine things like how and when they are going to communicate; the frequency of meetings; how disagreements and conflict will be handled; and how to handle social loafing, when team members don’t do their fair share of the work.
  • Respect, honesty, and trust among team members are hallmarks of effective teams and how they work together. People are different – they have different experiences and different values – so team members need to commit to work with each other despite their differences. The level of respect, honesty, and trust the team develops allows the team to work through conflicts that may occur and successfully achieve the team’s goals.

Mission/Vission Statement

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