Memo on Orientation Program, management homework help

Memo on Orientation Program, management homework help.

You are the VP of human resources for a 1,000 employee meat packing company in the small town of

Fort Hays


. You recently examined the turnover data for the plant operation (the people who kill, butcher, and process the hogs) and discovered that turnover among employees who were in their first year of employment was 85% for 2004. In addition, exit interviews with recent quits confirm what the attitude survey you conducted last year: morale is low, despite a competitive compensation and benefits package.

At last week’s executive committee meeting, the President demanded that something be done to decrease turnover and increase morale, and soon. You suggested that by using an employee orientation program or a realistic job preview program, new employees will be more satisfied and less likely to quit. The president nixed the idea of using an RJP. He argued, “If people don’t know what they are getting into when they answer ads for jobs in a meat packing plant, I’m not going to waste money telling them.” Besides, he added, “the hiring process already includes a brief tour of the plant, and most prospective employees know somebody who already works there.”

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That left you with the employee orientation program, which the president said he would consider if you could make a good case for why it should be done and what benefits could be gained. The president asks you to write a memo that addresses the following:

  1. The stage or stages of Feldman’s socialization model that may be influenced by an orientation program. Support your choice(s).
  2. Two key content areas of an orientation program that may reduce turnover and increase morale.
  3. The role of the supervisor and the new employee in an effective orientation program.
  4. The timing of orientation activities (i.e., one shot? spaced over time?). Support your choice.
  5. One potential problem that must be addressed to increase the chances the program will be effective, and what you could do to address it.

Memo on Orientation Program, management homework help

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