Medical Office Management

.Describe how the principles of asepsis be applied in a practice to prevent the spread of infection? Give an example.

2.You are the medical assistant to an internist. As you are preparing a patient for an exam, the patient describes some symptoms that sound as if they could be part of an STD. What should you say? What should you not say? Explain your position.

3.Describe the purpose of the physician’s office laboratory. Explain its importance.

4.Explain why an office laboratory would be a necessity and how do they contribute to patient care.

5. Explain the role of calories in the diet

6. Explain why the International Classification of Diseases is used

7. Explain the significance of the terms and phrases presented

8. Compare the differences between obstetrics and gynecologic services. Provide examples of each

9. Compare the advantages and disadvantages between cycle billing and monthly billing. Provide an example of an activity that would relate to each type of billing.

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