Let us Talk About Movies

Let us Talk About Movies.

  1. Select a movie in which a character or characters engage in a speech. (Ex. The King’s Speech, Legally Blonde, Braveheart, etc.)
  2. Watch the whole movie.
  3. Submit a two-three page paper (at least start the 3rd page) that includes the following:
  • Your overall opinion of the movie (e.g., two thumbs up, F-, parents will love it but teens will hate it, whoever greenlighted this is a moron, etc.),
  • Specific support for your opinion (e.g., actual dialogue from cheesy scenes, unbelievable events, unlikable characters, great acting, gorgeous cinematography, etc), and
  • Analysis of the form of public speaking. Discuss delivery, content, & structure in that particular speaking context. Describe how effective each was and why
  • No copy.

Let us Talk About Movies

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