interview with a nursing leader and a non-nursing leader

You are required to to complete one pair of interviews. Each will include an interview with a nursing leader and a non-nursing leader. Part of the interview is to see the interviewee’s work environment and the response to that person by the people around her/him. These observations can give you insights to the leader. The report should be no more than 2 pages, written in APA format. This report is a compare/contrast paper synthesizing the responses with the two people you have interviewed. The paper should include synthesis/analysis of the responses rather than indicating specific responses to questions. You will record the time on your log sheet, each entry must have your handwritten signature. You must select two different leaders for each interview, one nursing and one, non-nursing. You will be given a set of questions for use to interview a nursing leader and a non-nursing leader. The reason that you will include non-nursing leaders in this experience is because nurse leaders have a lot to learn from non-nursing leaders. They face many of the same challenges, especially with personnel, but do they deal with those problems in the same way? You can interview non-nursing leaders, for example, restaurant manager, business owner, school superintendent or principal, executive directors for various agencies like La Casa, EMRSH, Lighthouse mission, director of daycare center or anyone in a leadership position. The nurse-leaders should be a CNO, Unit Manager, director of a specialty unit, other administrative or leadership roles in nursing. Please check your APA Manual to learn how to cite personal correspondence.
Please use hypothetical data
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