International Business Context, homework help

International Business Context, homework help.

After watching the Intercultural Communications in Business video from this unit’s Studies, respond to the following: What does the video indicate about the formality or informality of doing business from the U.S. (American) point of view? Are there general global themes to doing business?

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Transcript from video…cannot upload Mp4 files:

Different Cultures Communicate Different Ways
In 2003 I worked for 3 months in an American, in an American company developing a strategic plan. And this one was going to affect this company’s European and United States market. So this team was formed from Europeans and American employees of this company. On the team we had a Belgium, a person from Ireland, a person from Netherlands, an Italian person, and also several Americans. We worked very closely for about 2 – 1/2, 3 months and most of the day were together working on the plan and all the time being on a meetings. It was very interesting experience for me as a person who know, who knows the way of communication in Europe and the way of communication, the business communication in United States. Europeans tended to be very explanatory, giving a lot of details, some of them not necessarily important for the case. They had a lot of subtleties in their way of expressions while Americans were very straightforward. Usually they were boom, boom, boom, boom and their case was done and they were ready. So it was a great experience to watch and observe and have for myself confirmed what I have already known how different cultures communicate different way. It does not matter that they speak the same language. In this case all the meeting and the talks were done in English.

Save Face
One of the most difficult challenges to overcome when I first arrived in Korea and while I was living there is the overriding need of the Koreans, and really the Asians in general, to save face. On tight deadline projects when we were working with Koreans either in the military or in the civilian contract world, we had deadlines to meet and we would ask them to have something say on a certain date and they would almost always say, “Yes.” Eventually, we came to realize that they would tend to make a, a very distinctive noise, which was something we called ‘sucking molars’. It sounded a lot like ‘SSSSSS”, which would indicate that even though they said, “Yes,” there was no way that they felt that they could meet that deadline. And it was a signal to us to renegotiate a more reasonable deadline for them to meet.

International Business Context, homework help

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