indicate what features of the subject should be relevant to morally sensitive decision.

If you discover that there are legal complications to such a decision, note them as well. How would an ethical care-giver manage the difficulties you may notice in the area? Since this is a preliminary investigation, the emphasis will be on understanding the issues at hand rather than resolving them. However, since there has been some discussion about these matters in print, your discussion should reflect consideration of at least some of it. Your comments about resolution should take the form of suggestions for which you can give reasons. One important academic journal for the field is Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology. There is also an on-line Journal of Ethics in Mental Health, edited at McMaster University. Since you could become a greater expert in the area you choose than either the instructor or the marker, you should engage in careful exposition of your subject.
Do not however, assume that the reader of your paper is completely uninformed about the area of discussion
A. What rights to be informed should parents have when their children are undergoing treatment? How will it be possible to reconcile their potential as assistants in their children’s care with the child’s right to confidentiality, and the need to build a therapeutic alliance between caregiver and care receiver?
B. Many anorexic patients will not eat, and will not do so even though they know that their action could kill them.
Since there is insight on some level, and usually full competence to assess information, little indication of acute suicidal tendencies but a strong resistance to treatment, how can a caregiver respond responsibly?
– please have full 5 pages (bibliography not included) thanks
– please read the journal for the field “Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology” and “Journal of Ethics in Mental Health”, edited at McMaster University. (better include them in the bibliography)
– number of sources is not restrict, 4 or 5 is the recommend
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