Impact of problem on work environment and patient outcome

The problem of affordability has a major impact on the nursing working environment as well as on the outcomes of patients. Nurses and doctors are usually limited to the level of health care that they provide to patients. For instance a patient may be suffering from a serious health condition that demands expensive health care services, technology and medication. However, the patient and his family may not have the capacity to afford these services. Their income could be relatively lower compared to the medical bills. Despite the availability of health insurance, they may be unable to pay the required premiums to cover their health. Serious conditions that are expensive to manage such as stroke, brain surgeries, heart and kidney diseases can only be treated with expensive technological machines and expensive medicine. Nurses and doctors are faced with the dilemma as to whether to administer the expensive medication and treatment to the poor patients or not (Clemans –Cope, 2015).
The patient outcome is also affected by this problem because hospital have rules that the bill has to be fully settled before the patient is discharged and in some cases some hospitals do not provide any health care services without paying the full amount prior to receiving the treatment. In this case, the patients who are unable to raise the required amount are forced to receive sub-standard services and medications that they can afford. Some of them can only control symptoms such as pain using cheap-over-the counter painkillers. Therefore, the underlying diseases continue to develop as they are……..

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