Identify issues of diversity, social justice and bi-cultural partnership in a primary health care context

In this course students will develop an understanding of nursing in contemporary New Zealand society.
The course will focus on introducing students to nursing interventions aimed at improving the health
and wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities in New Zealand.
he significance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi to nursing practice will provide an important basis for the course.
Students will learn about social determinants of health, issues of power, equity and diversity, social
justice and bicultural partnership. They will also gain a familiarity with interventions such as primary
health care, health promotion and health literacy. Students will extend their understandings of culturally
safe nursing practice and Te Tiriti o Waitangi and continue their professional nursing formation.
Learning Outcomes
Following successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Identify issues of diversity, social justice and bi-cultural partnership in a primary health care
2. Demonstrate effective communication practices including academic scholarship and reflecti
ithin the learning environment.
3. Interpret and apply relevant professional and scholarly evidence in oral and/or written
1. R
• Introduction to sociology, sociological perspectives, sociological imagination, social
• New Zealand health care systems, levels of care (Primary, secondary, tertiary)
• Roles of the nurse
• Health promotion, Ottawa Charter
• Health literacy
2. P
• New Zealand population health status, demography, Māori health, Impact of colonisation
• Health determinants
• Social justice
• Models of health
• Power and Poverty
• Abuse awareness
NURS5226 Professional Nursing Two Bachelor of Nursing
©Whitireia Community Polytechnic 2018 1
3. Formation
• Cultural safety in nursing and Te Tiriti o Waitangi
• Nursing knowledge and theories, patterns of knowing
• Ethics and duty of care
• New Zealand Nursing Organisation codes of conduct, social media
• New Zealand Nursing Council Competencies
4. C
• Professional writing
• Reflection
• Evidence Based Practice
• Use of databases
• Credibility of evidence
Course Requirements
To successfully achieve in this course each summative assessment must be passed.
ther information and explanations relating to student requirements and expectations can be found
in the Academic Statutes, the Student Guide and your Programme Handbook on Moodle.
Student Directed Learning
Students will be expected to complete the following self-directed learning activities in their own time:
ctivity Evidence
Assessment Preparation Student completes assignment/s on time, and is prepared for
supervised assessments
Laboratory / Workshop Student practices skills or develops outputs to meet assessment task
Group Study Notes, activities or output meet assessment task requirements
Independent Study Student engages in a variety of tutor recommended or self-selected
materials including workbooks to meet assessment outcomes
Information Gathering,
Student discusses gathered information in tutor-directed activities, and
in assessment (including evidence for portfolio)
Observation Student reflects on work place practice in relation to theoretical and
practical learning
Moodle Activities Student completes course quizzes, participates in forums, and views
Wiki pages and videos
Formative Learning Activities
All courses include formative learning activities to support student success. All formative activities are
expected to be undertaken; students who do not complete formative activities may not be granted
reassessment opportunities.
NURS5226 Professional Nursing Two Bachelor of Nursing
©Whitireia Community Polytechnic 2018 2
Summative Assessment/s
Assessment Due Date
1. Written 23 October 2018 C 50{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58} 1-3
2. Exam 14 November 2018 C+ 50{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58} 1-3
Assessment Submission
Assessments must be submitted electronically by 9:00am on the due date, unless otherwise advised.
Essential Readings
Any other readings that are essential to student learning in this course will be made available in your
programme’s Moodle site or alternatively on Closed Reserve in the Library. Your tutor will give you
more details.
t is expected that students will independently access a wide variety of relevant literature.
NURS5226 Professional Nursing Two Bachelor of Nursing
Summative Written Assignment: What Determines Good Health?
The purpose of this essay is to raise students’ awareness of how socio-economic determinants of health
may impact on the health of population groups within New Zealand society. This essay will also develop
the students’ written communication skills through the use of professional and scholarly evidence in the
discussion of this issue.
Assessment Task
UNICEF defines child poverty
as “children being deprived of the material, spiritual and
emotional resources needed to survive, develop and thrive. This leaves them unable to enjoy their
rights, achieve their full potential or participate as full and equal members of s
ociety” (UNICEF, n.d.,
para 2).

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