Identify a patient care-related issue. Some examples of patient care-related issues are the following


This assignment is due on saturday February 23, at 8 am EST . It is important to respect the rrequirement stated in the assignment , and all questions must be clearly responded to in both files using APA format. A title page , an abstract, running head , paper number and a reference list including intext citations throughout the entire paper.The similarity scores cannot be more than 15{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58} for both papers . All bullets point in both files must be clearly responded to without repeating the questions again , and if you do repeat the question in the paper , then note that it will not count toward the page number of the paper. And if you find it difficult or have any dought completing this assignment indicate to me before it is too late . And also if you dont have a competent Tutore let me know also .

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This assignment is due on Friday 22, 2013 at 6am EST . It is important to respect the requirement below and the similarity scores cannot be more than 15{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58}. APA format must be use for this assignment , and in text citation is require throughout the assignment. It should be written in 2 pages , also include an abstract , page number , running head and a reference list at the end all in APA format.
As a nurse, you are the ultimate patient advocate (above and beyond all other health care providers). This advocacy means ensuring that all patients are cared for safely and with the best quality.
You have seen other nurses be effective change agents to improve patient care, and you would like to do the same. You know that your ideas for change will be more well-received if they are supported by scholarly evidence. Therefore, you must learn how to provide evidence for your suggestions to make the necessary changes for excellent patient care and high-quality outcomes. You have seen that scholarly evidence can persuade your superiors and the administration to change how things are done. This evidence will also help other staff understand the rationale behind the change that you desire.
Your goal is to make a case for a specific change in patient care or staff education, and develop a presentation based on the evidence that you gather.
You first step is to write a paper to inform your supervisor about the patient care issue that you feel could be improved, either through patient teaching or staff education. You will need to address the following:
Identify a patient care-related issue. Some examples of patient care-related issues are the following:
Maintaining a heart healthy diet
Adhering to a diabetic or renal diet
Medication compliance
Need for diabetic foot care
Wound care
Preventing pressure ulcers
Preventing urinary tract infections in catheterized patients
Proper hand washing techniques
Conducting hourly patient rounds

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