human being on The Philosophical Treatise

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to create your own treatise on what you think it means to be a human being. This assignment is designed for you to think deeply and critically about other thinker’s definitions and ideas about what a human being is and/or can or should be, but more importantly to add your voice in this discussion. It is designed for you to create a philosophy of and/or for humanity.


Assignment: This assignment will require you to engage more in depth with the writing that we have read and discussed throughout the semester.

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You will need to reference the text that are important to your ideas. You do not need to reference all the text of course, but references to other text will help you to illustrate the point you are trying to make.

For example you may refer to Buddhist beliefs and how your philosophy is similar and in what aspect or you may need to show how radically different your ideas are from the Buddhist tradition. The most important aspect of this assignment is that the reader can follow the logic of the piece. That your ideas are coherent and help to formulate a clear picture of your philosophy.

The content of this essay cannot just be “a dogmatic response to one’s favorite ideology or theory of human nature”. It must be an intellectual inquiry and explanation of your belief system. It must be an intellectual investigation into the tenets of the particular belief system from which your ideology arises. Accepting what a text suggest without investigation is not critical thinking.


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