How to present a graphic representation of WBS hierarchy?

How to present a graphic representation of WBS hierarchy?.

See page 33 of the text for a graphic example of a work breakdown structure (WBS) hierarchy. Create a three level product-based WBS from a project you have managed or have experience with as a team member and present a graphic representation of your WBS hierarchy. A description of the following components and how each relates to the WBS must be included:

  • Three main deliverables,
  • A unique numbering scheme, and
  • Three work packages.

Lastly, provide a one- to three-sentence project objective to describe the focus of this WBS.

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The assignment must be submitted in Microsoft Excel for ease of organization; APA formatting rules will not need to be followed if an Excel spreadsheet is used.Work Breakdown Structure

Work Breakdown Structure


Diagram of WBS hierarchy

(Venkataraman 33)

Venkataraman, Ray R., Jeffrey Pinto. Cost and Value Management. John Wiley & Sons P&T. VitalBook file.

How to present a graphic representation of WBS hierarchy?

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