Health Promotion: Proposal Overweight and obesity

Health Promotion Proposal
Overweight and obesity are a medical disorder characterized by having an excessive deposit of fats in the body. They are classified based on the Body Mass Index, a guide to the weight-for-heightwhen a person’s weight is divided by the square of his height in meters (kg/m2).  An adult is overweight when her/ his  BMI is between 25 and 29.9  and is obese when the BMI is greater than or equal to 30. (World Health Organization, 2016). This condition is multifactorial and can be caused by several factors susch as hereditary or environmental. This condition puts the patient in a vulnerable situation of contracting no communicable diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart conditions, and cancer (WHO, 2016). Obesity disorder develops when energy expenditure in the body is below energy intake from consuming fattening and unhealthy food. It is notable that the modern world is full of factors that make it difficult for people to live healthy lifestyles and maintain healthy body weight. Food and drinks that have high energy density are increasingly easy to get.  Lifestyle choices are crucial factors in determining healthy living. Unhealthy diet and lack of physical activity are some of the major risk factors for obesity and other chronic diseases.
According to a report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2016), more than 36.5{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58}, of U.S. adults had obesity during 2011- 2014.  Florida, where I hope to practice as Family NursePractitioner, had a prevalence of obesity between 25{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58} and less than 30{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58} in 2015, and non-Hispanic blacks had the highest prevalence followed by Hispanic (CDC, 2016). The rate of overweight and obesity adults in Miami–Dade County is 67.4{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58}. Moreover, 24.5{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58} of the adult population reported had sedentary lifestyles while only 22.1{b347ee882963fc078925bef44838eb079b614d3dde11dc0714b595823c2ade58} follow a healthy diet.  (CDC,2013).
Various reasons haveresulted in the increment of obesity conditions in Miami-Dade County. They include ethnicity, an aging population, physical inactivity, and food and nutrition among others.  For that reason, educational work in this area is crucial for control and decreases this prevalence in our community, decrease the incidencia the other chronic diseases and reduce the direct and indirect cost of this condition to the health care system.
The proposal focuses on Miami-Dade County, Florida,with anemphasison theadultpopulation, more than 20 years old, diagnosed with overweight or obesity.  The health promotion work should:
-Identify adults overweight and obese based on BMI.
-Identify risk factors for developing this condition such as lack of physical activity, unhealthy nutrition, drugs or treatment,  and other chronic illness.
-Recognize the level of knowledge regarding healthy diet and Myplate guide.
Based on the above aspects I will create an intervention plan, and develop an evaluation design of these actions. To support this Health Promotion work, I will review the current literature related to this theme using critical analysis and nursing knowledge.
Family Nurse Practitioners provide primary health care focused on wellness and prevention. They should have adequate skills in health status assessment, health condition diagnosis, planning of care and treatment implementations. Family Nurse Practitioner should have teaching-coaching skills that help in the promotion of health in adults diagnosed with overweight or obesity. Also, they should develop competency in practitioner-patients relations skills to offer adequate health care and change lifestyles in patients with this condition. For that reason, I think that Family Nurse Practitioner could develop this Health Promotion work.

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