Genetics and Genomics

Nursing Paper Essay help-Genetics and Genomics
Nurses are on the forefront of care; therefore, will participate fully in genetic-based and genomic-based practice activities such as collecting family history, obtaining informed consent for genetic testing, and administering gene-based therapies. The challenge for the nursing profession is to ensure that the workforce is prepared and competent to provide genetic and genomic care. Knowledge and understanding of current and emerging ethical issues is an essential component of this knowledge base.
Discuss the ethical considerations of collecting family history information.
Discuss the role of the nurse when obtaining informed consent for genetic testing and the administration of gene-based therapy.
Discuss the risks of patients disclosing family history information with health care providers. Are there any benefits?
These three questions should be used as headings separately, followed by the paragraph(s) answering the question exactly. When answering the question on the role of the nurse, please do not answer based on general nursing role in healthcare, ut be specific to the role in this exact topic and situation.
Please answer each question specific to what is asked., maintaining scholarly tone throughout the paper.
Please use professionally PEER REVIEWED REFERENCES that are within 5 years (2013-2018).
Please cite throughout the paper to show where every information came from, as the teacher expects that this is not common knowledge that I have.
Please include ISBN number so that I can check and verify that the articles used are peer reviewed. Thank you.
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