GC&E Assignment Simple And Short

GC&E Assignment Simple And Short.

GC&E Assignment W15 – Food and Water Page 1 of 2

BUSN 119 Fundamentals of Business – Winter 2015

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Global Citizenship & Equity Assignment

Food and Water – 40 Marks = 10%

Professor Kerri Shields, kshields@my.centennialcollege.ca

DUE DATE: March 15, 2015 in eCentennial Dropbox

Late submission deduction of 20% per day late



For this assignment you will research topics pertaining to sustainability. You will analyze the

use of the world’s resources to achieve sustainability and equitable distribution at the personal,

professional, and global level. Your professor will grade your submission based on evidence of

thoroughness, attention to detail, deep thought or careful consideration given to the questions

asked, connections made from self to world, and reflection (to think, ponder, or meditate).

Formatting & Spelling (10 marks):


Organize your assignment in an MsWord professional report. This format includes:


 a title page (containing title of assignment – “Sustainability,” your name and student number, professor’s name, and date submitted)

 a table of contents page (TOC)

 the body of the report (which is organized by headings and subheadings and includes in- text citations where needed)

 a references page (formatted in accordance with APA style) – you require at least SIX sources of information (four have been provided for you at the bottom of these

instructions to help get your research started)

 optional appendixes should you wish to include them

Your assignment should be about 5 pages in length (including the title page, TOC, and

References page).

Refer to Centennial’s LRC website for APA formatting guidelines at



Criteria (30 marks):


Discuss why the relationship between water and agriculture has to change. This topic pertains to

how society can help secure the global water and food supplies for future generations. Use the

following topics to focus your research and address each topic within your report.


1. Three Issues: Current and possible future global issues occurring with regards to food and water supply. Discuss THREE issues. Why are these issues of high importance to

us? (6 marks)




GC&E Assignment W15 – Food and Water Page 2 of 2

2. Possible Solutions: Proposed or possible solutions to these issues. Discuss why these solutions are or are not viable in your opinion. (6 marks)


3. Equity Across Countries: Will these issues and solutions affect everyone globally in an equal manner? Will certain people benefit? If so, who, why? Can everyone benefit?

(3 marks)


4. Opinions and Suggestions: Are you concerned about the global issue of securing the food and water supply? Why or why not? Are there any suggestions you would make to

improve these solutions or offer other solutions? If not, why not? (2 marks)


5. Individual Support: How can you, as an individual support or contribute to securing water and food supplies for future generations? (3 marks)


6. Government Support: How does the Canadian government support or contribute to securing water and food supplies for future generations? Do we need government

regulation to ensure companies move toward more sustainable practices? Should the

government’s role in sustainability be the same in each country around the world? Why

or why not? (5 marks)


7. Societal Support: How can society (groups, countries, or as a whole) contribute to securing water and food supplies for future generations? (5 marks)


Websites to help start your research:


Clancy, Heather (September 2014). 13 companies sowing solutions for food resilience.

GreenBiz. Retrieved from http://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2014/09/02/big-data-food-resilience


Neale, Christopher (October 2014). 8 ways Big Data helps improve global water and food

security. GreenBiz. Retrieved from http://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2014/10/22/8-ways-big-data-



Gassert, Francis (November 2013). Why the relationship between water and agriculture needs

to change. GreenBiz. Retrieved from http://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2013/11/05/why-



Brown, Lester (July 2013). The real threat to our future is peak water. theguardian.




GC&E Assignment Simple And Short

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