Free Will, God and Evil

I am going to send you a file in the Add files option. See the instructions to write the essay for free will, God and evil from there because I am not sure whether to add sources or not.

So see the instructions in the file attached name esaay q philosophy and start doing it. I am not mentioning any particular sources then. Let me know if you need any other reading or if its enough?

It should be 6 pages long,typed,double spaced(except the gap between paragraphs) in a 12-point font

(a) first page will have an introduction,

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(b) thesis statement and

(c) brief essay plan and

(d) the paper will have sectionse.g.

“Mackie responds…” or “Criticisms of Strawson” argument”. Important:Be sure to keep sections for explaining a person’s ideas separate from sections where you criticize their ideas! a brief conclusion reiterating the thesis. All quotes must be explained in your own words.


Document all use of websites with the address pasted in as reference so that anyone can access it. References to published material should contain all relevant publication material, title or article or book, author, and details of publication date and place. do not ignore the argument and just attack the conclusion.

Must discuss, reject or support with more reasons It should be like this-

(i) State the argument from evil and explain it as presented by J.L. Mackie.

(ii) State the free will defense (See Plantinga, Mackie)

iii) Explain the meaning and point being made by Mackie’s claim that:“

If there is no logical impossibility in a man’s freely choosing the good on one, or on several occasions, then there cannot be a logical impossibility in his freely choosing the good on every occasion.” (iv) Make a conclusion, take sides, does freewill explain how God and evil can co-exist, or is Mackie correct that evil proves there is no perfect god?

Use these readings for the essay Arguments Against God’s existence:

problem of evil and free will Reading: David Hume Dialogues on Natural religion Part 10 & 11 pp. 40-53. J.L. Mackie “Evil and Omnipotence”: Alvin Plantinga “God Freedom and Evil” pp.29-55: 19th Free will and Moral Responsibility Readings: G. Strawson “The Impossibility of Moral Responsibility” (Search using strawson impossibility pdf) I have added some files which are the noted related to essay. Use that stuff as well.

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