Ford company strategic management, management homework help

Ford company strategic management, management homework help.

we have a project in my strategic management class, about ford company. my part is done there just should be some slight modification according to my teacher, i will provide you what she said ot modify and i will attach my paper thank you,

professor comment:

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Yes, I have three comments:

1. Add the recommendation’s implementation.

2. Add headers for each alternative solution: Diversify Suppliers, Invest in Technology, and Produce New Products.

3. There is a problem with the third solution (product development). You state that the company should move from fuel efficient cars to luxury cars. That’s how the U.S. car makers got in trouble in 2008! Environmental changes forced a focus on fuel efficient cars.

the biggest thing is to find a different alternative solution than the third one i provided.

i will attach also the swot matrix since solutions should ocme from there

thank you!

Ford company strategic management, management homework help

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