Fall Prevention Systematic Review

The purpose of this Assignment is to help you learn to critically appraise a published review of the literature, correctly identify the level of evidence of a systematic review and meta analysis on the evidence hierarchy, and to critique the important aspects of published literature review
Write a brief scholarly paper using APA format.
Your paper should include the following:
A cover page in APA format
An introductory paragraph which includes the title of the article you chose to discuss with brief discussion of the objectives of your paper.
The body of the paper should include a summary and critique/appraisal of the article with a discussion of data bases used to search for the articles in the review, timeliness of the review and the articles (i.e. are they current), what types of articles are mainly included in the review (primary or secondary sources, etc), and identification of the level of evidence of the article you are reviewing with rationale for your choice.
The evidence hierarchy is found on page 24 of your textbook. Use this to help you identify the level of evidence.
A summary paragraph (conclusion) to discuss how this article contributes to the body of nursing knowledge and supports evidence for clinical practice.
Paper should be 5-6 pages in length including cover page and reference page.
When you paraphrase from the article or from your textbook you must include an in text citation.
Provide 4-5 scholarly references (you can include your textbook).

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