End of Course Refection

End of Course Refection.

This course has seven course outcomes specifying that by the end of this course, students will be able to:

1. Describe and explain common networking terminology, topologies, protocols, standards, and services.

2. Select and evaluate network hardware, software and /or service solutions that satisfies technical requirements based upon business needs.

3. Plan, design, and implement network applications based on organizational environments and business requirements.

4. Monitor and analyze business network traffic and communication protocols.

5. Identify wired and wireless communication technologies and discuss the business considerations in determining the applications of network management standards and technologies to manage the network infrastructure.

6. Explain network management concepts and principles and discuss the technical considerations in deciding the application of these concepts to effectively manage business data communications.

7. Identify network security hardware, software and risk management concepts. Assess security threats of organizational networks and information systems and identify measures to protect the network infrastructure and services.

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Based on the course content and activities, discuss the following questions:

1. Identify the course outcome(s) that you would like to strengthen and delve into further after this course. Why?

2. What is your plan to learn more about the topics covered by the outcomes you identify? Is there any networking-related certifications you would like to pursue?

3. Identify the course outcome(s) that you would like this course to provide more content about. Why? Is there any topic and/or concept for which you need more explanation?

4. What is the most interesting/useful topics and/or activities you learned in this class? Why?

End of Course Refection

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