Royal Seafood delivers fresh fin and shellfish to specialty grocery stores in the state of Oregon. The company packs a delivery truck in Corvallis and then drives in one single route to its five customers spread throughout the state. The distances in miles between all locations may be found in the table below. From/To Corvallis (A) Roseburg (B) Bend (C) Baker (D) Lakeview (E) Burns (F) Corvallis (A) – 225 234 233 169 189 Roseburg (B) 225 – 159 244 265 168 Bend (C) 234 159 – 253 246 197 Baker (D) 233 244 253 – 153 287 Lakeview (E) 169 265 246 153 – 171 Burns (F) 189 168 197 287 171 – a. Propose an efficient route by using the NN heuristic with Corvallis as the starting city. What is the total distance traveled? b. Use the NN heuristic to calculate five routes, each starting from one of Royal Seafood’s customer’s location. What is the best route for Royal Seafood?

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