Helping Harvest is a food bank in the Greater Miami area that collects food donations from local grocery stores and transports them back to a distribution center for sorting and transfer to local food kitchens that feed needy clients. Tight budgets and environmental concerns require that both fuel and driver resources be used sparingly. Thus, Mr. Vivek, Helping Harvest’s general manager, would like to ensure that collection vehicles are routed most efficiently. The table below provides the driving distance in miles among the depot (the distribution center from where truck begins and ends its route) and the five stores that donate food. From/To Depot Store A Store B Store C Store D Store E Depot – 10 24 60 40 26 Store A 10 – 34 46 35 44 Store B 24 34 – 48 20 15 Store C 60 46 48 – 15 35 Store D 40 35 20 15 – 12 Store E 26 44 15 35 12 – Currently, the Helping Harvest truck travels the following route Depot–Store A–Store B–Store C–Store D–Store E–Depot. a. Use the NN heuristics to find a shorter route and calculate the savings in miles traveled per day. b. The manager at Store B would like the Helping Harvest truck to pick up from her store as early as possible. How many miles does the constraint of visiting Store B first add to the route selected in part a?

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