Whether is a model for the future of retailing based on the example below

Service Sector Growth occurs when advances in technology creates new demands for a variety of services. (Bordoloi, Fitzsimmons & Fitzsimmons, 2019). Amazon has experienced this growth by focusing continually on customer satisfaction. With all the advances in technology they could go high tech, however they have chosen to keep the website user friendly to connect with the changing customer demographics. They utilize technology to personalize the on-line shopping experience. Based on past purchases, other items are recommended. Also, collaborative filtering software determines what is popular with individuals that purchase similar items. Repeat customers are greeted by name when they log on to the website which creates a personalized approach to shopping. It’s similar to data mining that utilizes patterns and relationships to make predictions. Retailers do this to predict buying trends, increase customer base and prevent customer attrition. Its objective is to develop new marketing opportunities. Data mining detects which items or offers are the most attractive to customers. (Deveaux, Sharpe & Velleman, 2019). Amazon has become the Internet of Things on Shopping. Amazon is a true leader in innovation, pioneering Amazon Web Services that provides cloud technology for brick and mortar businesses.

A key factor in Amazon’s success is their devotion to the customer that drives brand loyalty. The approach started with a single product, books; then new products were introduced such as electronics, software, music clothing etc. The personalized customer service and online network are a win-win. This loyal customer base helps to expand their reach, encouraging the community network to share feedback and post reviews.

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