ENGL 203 INDIVIDUAL PROJECT, FALL 2021 ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION Each student should select a hotel resort anywhere in the world that borders a body of water. Using PPT slides, describe the hotel’s features, according to the slide requirements on the Individual Project Presentation Marking Form. Upon selecting a specific hotel, notify the instructor to record it, so no other student can take the same hotel. Slide content should be short and to the point, but should be elaborated on by the student through his/her voice recording of each slide, for a total of 8-10 minutes. Slide 1: should contain THE NAME OF THE RESORT, STUDENT’S ID NUMBER & NAME, INSTRUCTOR’S NAME, NAME OF COURSE, SECTION, AND SEMESTER YEAR. Slide 2: should contain A MAP OF THE RESORT’S EXACT LOCATION Slide 3: should contain AN OVERVIEW ON THE RESORT THAT WOULD ATTRACT THE AUDIENCE’S ATTENTION Slide 4: should contain INFORMATION ABOUT ROOM TYPES WITH VISUAL DESCRIPTIONS AND PRICES(USE HYPERLINKS) Slide 5: should contain INFORMATION ABOUT DINING OPTIONS WITH VISUAL DESCRIPTIONS(USE HYPERLINKS) Slide 6: should contain INFORMATION ABOUT MEETING AND EVENT FACILITIES WITH VISUAL DESCRIPTIONS (USE HYPERLINKS) Slide 7: should contain INFORMATION ABOUT RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES WITH VISUAL DESCRIPTIONS(USE HYPERLINKS) Slide 8: should contain A FEW GUEST COMMENTS AND REVIEWS(BOTH POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE) Slide 9: should contain A GALLERY OF PHOTOS SHOWING EXAMPLES OF ITS BEAUTY(6-8 EMBEDDED HYPERLINKS) NOT SHOWN IN PREVIOUS SLIDES. EACH PHOTO SHOULD BE DESCRIBED. Slide 10: should contain A LIST OF 2 OR MORE REFERENCES, e.g. RESORT’S WEBSITE AND BOOKING.COM
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