A customer came to your store but was hesitant to purchase a product. How should the employee behave?*

A. Stay next to the customer and say nothing
B. Keep pushing the customer to make the purchase
C. Highlight on the benefits of the product
D. Leave the customer alone and give him space to take a decision
Nour works in a multinational company as the head of customer service department. She often encourages her colleagues and subordinates. respects them, and offers help whenever she feels someone needs it. She also praises her subordinates whenever they deserve it. By doing so. Nour is creating and is part of a
A. Positive customer service culture
B. Empowerment culture
C. Delegating culture
D. Corporate culture
Every time your POS (point of sale) is used, many data points are created. 2 points giving you a profile of data about a particular customer. There are a number of different data points you can collect:
A. Customer purchasing habits
B. Specific products a customer likes
C. How often a customer buys from you
D. All of the above
Which of the following is a way to meet and exceed your boss’s expectations?
A. Find out what your boss considers to be important
B. Be a complainer
C. Have high expectations
D. Work on your own individually

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