A customer had his issued ticket canceled. He visited the travel agency calling for refund. However, the agency can’t refund his ticket. What should the employee do?*

A. Just say ‘our company policy doesn’t allow us to refund your ticket
B. If the customer gets angry, let the customer be an exception and refund his ticket
C. Give him another solution or alternative without breaking the policies
D. All can be true
Nowadays, employees are giving less significance to_______ and more significance to _____
A. Salary, benefits
B. Benefits, salary
C. Salary, workload
D. Workload, salary
Which of the following is not a step to record a goal effectively?*
A. Write down the overall goal to be accomplished
B. Show care and respect
C. Identify how the goal may be accomplished
D. Include a time when the goal will be completed
If you started the year with 1000 customers, and then found out that 800 of those customers remained your customers at the end of the year, your customer retention rate for the year is:
A. 8% and your churn rate is 2%
B. 800% and your churn rate is 200%
C. 20% and your churn rate is 80%
D. 80% and your chum rate is 20%

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