1. Security is a serious issue with IoT applications because _____.

a. sensor data can be incomplete or contain inconsistent values
b. hackers find cutting-edge technologies especially attractive targets
c. connect and monitor devices only produce simple threshold-based alerts
d. they can expose internal systems to hacking, viruses, and malware

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2. Popular tools for creating Web pages and managing Web sites _____.

a. resemble relational database applications
b. can auto-generate code for Web pages
c. do not allow users to work directly in HTML
d. require users to manually manage hyperlinks

3. Phil is preparing to publish a Web site he just created and researches his options. He learns that _____.

a. Web hosts typically charge $5 or less per month
b. some Web hosts offer domain name registration services
c. free Web sites never require users to view advertising
d. storage space is available from Web hosts but not ISPs

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