You met a customer who was asked a lot of questions and commented on 2 points details. This customer is considered:

A. Elderly
B. Analytical
C. Non-committal
D. Angry
A(n)_____ is an identified result to strive to accomplish. Whereas_______ is the process of establishing the aims and evaluating their importance.
A. Accountability, goal
B. Goal; accountability
C. Goal setting, goal
D. Goal, goal setting
Joe is a frequent customer at Charlie Pizzeria. He is there every day on his lunch break. Lately, Joe is becoming unhappy with the service because he had to eat the last two slices of pizza on his way back to work. Joe is unhappy with the service because:
A. He has only 30 minutes lunch break
B. His favorite waitress is not there
C. Business is slow
D. They don’t respect his time
A customer who has done business with Carrefour for a number of years and who has a store credit card expects: *
A. Special discount on their first purchase if they open new account
B. Up to date display of the company’s appreciation for their business
C. His name to be recognized
D. All of the options

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