This is an individual, written submission assignment.

Reflect and Describe a problem you have encountered where the “root cause” was unknown to you. (If you have experience in Industry/Quality, please use a relevant example, without disclosing company-private information. If you do not have any industrial quality experience, try to name a problem that was recurring, and challenging to solve.)
Does your example qualify as a “quality” problem as discussed in this course? Why or why not? How would you describe its recurrence? Try to use our SMART template to describe the problem. What parts of our template apply or don’t?
Describe the process you followed to solve it. Would you consider your solution process to be a “structured problem solving” method? What key methods/tools did you use? Would a more formal process have helped?
Your submission should connect directly to the course material so far. If you have not yet experienced an “industry-type” quality problem, you can still answer the above, contrasting your example with an industrial problem – how are they different? How are the problem solving methods different and why? Could any of our course content still apply?

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